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Edson Scheid playing at the Musée de la musique in Paris during the celebration weekend of Les Arts Florissants' 40th anniversary.


University of California Santa Barbara

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Edson Scheid lead a masterclass at the University of California Santa Barbara in January 2023.

"Join UCSB faculty Ertan Torgul and members of the renowned Il Pomo d’Oro Orchestra for a violin masterclass on Wednesday, January 25 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm in Room 1219 of the Music Building. Led by concertmaster and conductor Zefira Valova and violinist Edson Scheid, this masterclass is a unique opportunity to gain insight and inspiration from some of the world's most accomplished musicians. Come watch current UCSB students and faculty, Daniel Ryan Munoz (violin), Zhongxi Lin (piano), Shifa Leduc-Akbar (violin), Elizabeth Lim (violin), and Professor Natasha Kislenko (piano) perform." More info...

Il Pomo d'Oro Academy

Edson Scheid is a teacher at the Il Pomo d'Oro Academy since April 2020.

"The il pomo d’oro academy – masterclasses offered by our orchestra’s musicians on period instruments – is a longterm project that we planned to start in our new residence, the monastery in Monte San Savino, Tuscany. Times have radically changed in the meantime and the whole world has to face a pandemic never experienced before. We all are subject to strict limitations in almost every aspect of our lives, and concerts and festivals are being cancelled with dramatic consequences for all musicians.

We therefore want to anticipate the il pomo d’oro academy and start with a virtual version of the classes for free. We hope that sharing knowledge and giving professional inspiration will help to overcome these difficult times!" More info...

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University of North Carolina

Edson Scheid conducted violin masterclasses as a guest artist at the University of North Carolina in September 2017 and October 2018.

More info...

Mallarme Youth Chamber Orchestra

Edson Scheid has been a MYCO guest artist since October 2018, leading the youth orchestra rehearsal and coaching chamber music groups.

"MYCO is a pre-professional program focused on chamber music and chamber orchestra performance. MYCO strives to encourage students to develop skills that will serve them throughout their lives (as musicians or otherwise):  creativity, artistry, and collaboration." More info...

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El Sistema Greece

Edson Scheid has performed for students of El Sistema Greece at the Skaramagkas refugee camp with the period ensemble Il Pomo d'Oro, and has made a series of videos for the students discussing aspects of violin playing.


"El Sistema Greece is a community music project that provides free music education to children and young people in Greece.  All children—no matter their origin, nationality, or religion—are not only inspired to strive for a better future, but thanks to music, they are given a platform for dialogue and togetherness across diverse communities." More info...

Woodlands Chamberfest

Edson Scheid was a faculty member at the Woodlands Chamberfest in Houston, TX, in June 2016 and June 2017, coaching chamber music groups.

"Founded in 2012, The Woodlands Chamberfest is a summer music camp dedicated to teaching communication, collaboration, and leadership through chamber music. We introduce middle- to high-school age students to the experience of rehearsals and performances in a small ensemble, with daily coachings, workshops and private lessons." More info...

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